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Zayn Malik spotted in Manchester filming for his new music video

English singer songwriter Zayn Malik was until 2015 a member of band One Direction and now is pursuing a solo career, so when you become famous like him it is difficult to prevent fans from seeing you when you are filming.

Zayn of course is also the boyfriend of US supermodel Gigi Hadid, and he was spotted doing what are described as “gritty” scenes around the Miles Platting area of the city for the video. As yet we do not know what single Zayn was shooting for, bit rumour has it that it is “be It’s You,” we cannot as yet confirm this; this ballad of course was written by Zayn’s former fiancée Perrie Edwards, a relationship which broke up leaving Perrie feeling betrayed and angry.

It is not surprising that fans can become confused as 23 year old Zayn was seen in a black and white clip for his upcoming It’s You video which also is featuring Nicola Peltz. Does this mean that Zayn is shooting for a completely different single and the speculation is just to keep fans guessing, we wouldn’t be surprised.

From what we understand, the video has been inspired by Zayn’s upbringing in Bradford and one scene is of a very young Zayn grinning for the benefit of the camera and showing off the large collection of tattoos that Zayn still has on his arms. Later scenes showed Zayn spray painting a wall and then later show him close to a blazing car.

What we can be sure of though is that whichever single he is going to release with the video, his fans will be not be disappointed, they never are.

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