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Weird Celebrity Diets

As award season is in full swing, let’s take a look at some weird and wacky celebrity diets!

Victoria Beckham:

The singer turned fashion designer reportedly follows the “Five Hands Diet,” which consists of eating five handfuls of protein a day. Your portions of meat or seafood are limited to the size of your palm however you can have as many vegetables as you want


The pop veteran who has an enviable figure for a 50yr old follows the macrobiotic diet. This diet includes lots of vegetables and seaweed, however eliminates animal products.

Gwyneth Paltrow:

The actress and creator of lifestyle website GOOP has gluten, egg, and various other food sensitivities, so she created her own recipes without those ingredients. She then created her own cookbook “It’s All Good” so everyone can create them at home.


According to some reports the singing superstar used the Master Cleanse diet to lose weight for her role in the film Dream Girls. This diet consists of water, lemon juice, organic maple syrup and cayenne pepper

Zoe Kravitz:

Actress and daughter of singer Lenny Kravitz has reportedly followed the Clay Cleanse diet. With this diet you have a spoon of clay a day and it apparently will remove toxins from the body along with isotopes.

Dita Von Teese:

The burlesque star has thought to have followed the VB6 diet, which stands for vegan before 6pm and is also known as the Chegan Diet (cheating vegan). As the name suggests with this diet you follow a vegan eating plan before 6pm, then its open season and you can eat what you want!

Miley Cyrus

Before all her crazy on stage antics, the pop singer followed the Paleo Diet. With this diet you turn back time and only eat foods presumed to be available to Neanderthals in the prehistoric era. This diet is also known as the Paleolithic Diet, the Caveman diet and the Stone Age Diet cuts out dairy products, grains, sugar, legumes, ‘processed’ oils, salt, and also alcohol and coffee.

Kim Kardashian

After the reality TV star gain a lot of weight during her first pregnancy Mrs West followed the Atkins Diet to lose the extra pounds.

If some of these diets don’t quite tickle your fancy, have no fear, new research suggests that both women and men prefer a curvier size 14. According to a survey done by online voucher website MyVoucherCodes, it seems that it’s not only women that want to see a change in the industry they are immersed in every day, but men do too. Two groups of 500 men and 500 women were shown images of various women sized between a UK 8 and 16 (US 4 to 12), asking them from the options available which they thought was the ideal body type.

The results were both overwhelming and surprising: the vast majority of men (42%) and a large majority of the women (36%) chose size 14 as the size they perceived to be ideal for them. In contrast, only 27% of women and 22% of men chose the size 8 image to be their ideal size, showing that it seems women have been influenced more by the images seen in the media; unsurprising however considering the fact that so many women suffer from body image issues.

Imagine if the media decided to start showing imagery of the type of bodies that we really wanted to see – what would that look like for you? Would it be the tall and willowy types that currently grace the covers of every magazine and flood the pages of even the daily newspapers? Or would it be someone more like you, whether that’s a petite lady who’s not quite in proportion enough for typical model standards, a larger lady with curves that could kill, or somewhere in between?


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