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Time to say goodbye to Victoria’s Secrets Swimwear

If you had planned to buy some glamorous Victoria’s Secret Bikinis to parade on the beach this summer, you had better be quick or see if you can find some old stock, because as BuzzFeed News has reported, the company plans to discontinue the line and to replace this with their Activewear clothing range.

We are told that the company will be exiting from the current inventory, now whether that just means the swimwear or all the range is not as yet clear, as a spokesperson for Victoria’s Secret did not comment on the news feed. There was however an earlier press release which had explained that the company was going to restructure and this would take the form of three business sections: Victoria’s Secret Lingerie, PINK and Victoria’s Secret Beauty.

We do have a statement from Chairman and CEO Leslie H. Wexner who said that the company were coming off a record year and this was the best time to change and improve things, as he put it: “Going from best to even better. We are making those changes to accelerate our growth and to strengthen the business for the long term by narrowing our focus and simplifying our operating model.” He went on to explain how the changes are necessary to reach their significant potential.

He did also have a word to say how it is difficult to reach these decisions, particularly when it affected people, stressing that they are taking care of those who have been affected by the change in direction.

We imagine that a lot of would be “beach babes” will be dashing out to the shops in their lunch hours, or dragging boy friends around the stores on Saturday, sorry guys, football is off this week!



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