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Teenager Kendall Jenner in Vogue again!

They do say in certain circles that you have not made it the fashion or modelling world until you have appeared in Vogue. If that is the case then we can say with confidence that Kendall Jenner has made it, she has appeared in Vogue three times in as many months. In case you are unsure who this new phenomena is, she is a nineteen year old American television personality and fashion model. Her elder sister Kim Kardashian made headlines when she landed the front cover of Vogue.

Kendall did not make the front cover like her sister Kim, she just got better and had an eight page spread which sees her modelling this year’s biggest trends and she’s got a fringe. Well her mom, who apparently is her manger as well, is certainly proud of her and she has been instagraming pictures of Kendall, “can’t believe how gorgeous she looks in the February edition of Vogue” she tweeted.

Kendal has also become the face of cosmetics company Estee Lauder as her debut commercial for was released. in which she is described as being” smokin’ hot”. She has previously appeared Teen Vogue, Paris Vogue and December’s American Vogue. We think she could have made it, keep your eye on our pages.

Pictures: Vogue



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