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Stephanie Davis removed from Celebrity Big Brother house after bust-up with housemates

The Big Brother House, whether the celebrity version or not, appears to be a mix of verbal fights with possibly the real thing thrown in, accusations and on other occasions genuine friendships amongst the housemates.

However, the latest bust up has seen Hollyoaks star Stephanie Davis removed from the house by security after she had a blazing row with former East Enders Star Danniella Westbrook. Reports from the show’s producers are simply putting this down to part of a task, but it seems that both Westbrook and Gemma Collins called security to remove her from the house for the night.

It would seem that the row came during nominations Danniella chose Stephanie and said criticised her behaviour with model and ex-Mr Ireland Jeremy McConnell. It then transpires that a huge row took place after Danniella is allegedly said that Stephanie would never work again following on from her behaviour in the house! This led to the huge orw between the housemates and security being called.

Cannel5 has a different version however; they denied the claims and in a comment to the Daily Mirror said: “Stephanie spent the night in the detox clinic in the house, as part of this week’s task. She was never removed from the house.” So do we know what happened, no doubt when the dust has settled, we will then find out what really happened, or perhaps not!



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