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Ronnie Pickering to appear on celebrity Big Brother

If you did not know who the loud mouthed 54 year old was, who hails from the 2017 city of “culture”, you certainly will soon, as he is a favourite to appear on Celebrity Big Brother. Just to remind all that may have forgotten, as well as those who may not know, Ronnie Pickering is his name and he had his moment of fame when he was posted on You tube exhibiting road rage when driving a red Citroen, which he apparently sold it later on eBay and gave away the proceeds to a charity, the L6ve Life Foundation, an organisation set up by motor neurone disease suffer Lee Newton.

Well that is a magnanimous gesture and he has said that he wants to go further and show that behind his perceived tough manner he is actually a grandad with a big heart. He went on to say that he is nothing like the guy who was caught on the motorcyclist’s, Mr Middleton’s GoPro camera. In the three minute clip which was posted online it shows Ronnie, who incidentally is an ex-boxer, that went under the name of “One Punch Ronnie” completely losing it as he thought that biker Steve Middleton, was holding him up, as he made his way back to Bransholme, a massive very modern council development to the east of the city.

Ronnie now say that he really is a nice guy lot and it was not really like him when he was seen losing his temper, a lot of people may have been fooled by that comment but as Ronnie said: “I am nothing like the guy you see on that video. I am a Hull lad – a normal guy you’d see walking down the street. I like to do things to help people. It’s nice to be nice. If anything good can be done from what has happened, great. I just don’t have a car anymore.”

The only thing that we can say is if Ronnie does make it to the Celebrity Big Brother show, surely we can expect the sparks to fly if the video clip is anything to go by. Sadly he cannot bring his red Citroen as he does not have it any more.

Check out the infamous Ronnie Pickering video below:



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