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Rebecca Adlington and husband Harry Needs remain good fiends

They married in August 2014 and their child Summer was born in June 2105, so it came as a shock to everyone that they announced a split just a few weeks ago on the 15th March, after eighteen months of marriage. The good news though, particularly for nine month old summer, is that they remain the best of friends and they were seen together at the weekend wedding of Rebecca’s sister Chloe, for whom she was chief bridesmaid.

Rebecca has spoken for the first time since the split saying that she and Harry remain the best of friends and are clearly committed to raising their baby daughter Summer together, despite their break-up. She went on to describe how they were both working very hard to be good parents with the sole intention of focussing on their daughter.

In a recent interview, Rebecca has said the both she and Harry intend to continue to indulge their nine-month-old girl Summer in their professional sport, Rebecca commenting that both her and Harry are very sporty so they take baby Summer swimming, neither would be surprised if she also does not grow up to also very sporty and active, perhaps another swimmer we imagine.

The breakup of any marriage is to be regretted and we do not know the reasons why this couple decided to split after such a short time. When it was announced the statement released in Rebecca’s website simply said:   “It’s after much thought and sadness that we confirm our separation. It is on amicable terms and we still remain close friends. We move forward with respect for one another and our focus and commitment is on parenting our gorgeous daughter Summer. ‘This will be our only comment on this private matter.”

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