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Only seven weeks after their marriage Justin Theroux has to deny split with Jennifer Anniston

Looking at the photographs of the two of them, Justin Theroux and his new bride Jennifer Anniston look happy and very much in love, but that has not stopped the gossip mongers from claiming that the marriage was in trouble.

The basis behind these rumours is that he flew for Texas immediately after they had returned from honeymoon in Bora Bora, the unknown source claiming that Justin is happier when he is away from Jennifer. Justin however, told reporters during a recent interview that he was still ‘happily married’ to his gorgeous new bride. The reality of the situation is that he was contracted to go back to work for his new HBO Series, The Leftovers.

He did however, admit that planning their big day was very stressful as they had to keep it a secret and that as most people know, part of the fun of planning a wedding is telling people, they of course could not do that if they were to keep the day a secret. Of course it wasn’t a secret from everyone, they had family there as well as friends including Ellen DeGeneres, Sia, Emily Blunt and Courteney Cox, to witness them tying the knot at their home in Bel Air.

It had been billed as a 44th birthday party for Justin and not a wedding, Justin claimed he immediately felt better after the ceremony and claimed a weight had been lifted from his shoulders. He likened it to his blood pressure being lowered and although it is not life changing just a beautiful thing. Jennifer, two years senior to her new husband claimed that she was “deliriously happy”, we should hope that she is.

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