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Does OJ Simpson want to date Kris Jenner when he is released from prison?

He may have been one of American footballs best running backs, but he has not been without some skirmishes with the law, most famously was the acquittal for the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. There have been other brushes with authority and on the last occasion, Simpson faced a possible life sentence with parole on the kidnapping charge, and mandatory prison time for armed robbery and is due for parole some time in 2017.

Now it is known that Simpson has been friendly with the Kardashian family for many years, in fact the late Robert Kardashian represented OJ in the case, which saw him acquitted of the murder of his ex-wife Nicole. Now rumour has it that when he is eventually released from jail he wants to date Robert’s ex Kris Jenner, that according to Ian Halperin, the author of tell-all novel Kardashian Dynasty: The Controversial Rise of America’s Royal Family, he has had a crush on Kim “for ever” and firmly believes that the relationship with Corey Gamble is a sham.

Author Halperin said that OJ had a very close relationship with the Kardashian family; he stayed with Robert his lawyer during the days following the murders. Kardashian carried Simpson’s bag when he few back from Chicago, leading to prosecutors to speculate that the bag may have contained Simpson’s bloody clothes or the murder weapon.

Well we will have to wait until Simpson is released sometime in 2017 to see whether it is a fact that Kim is in a sham relationship with Corey Gamble and if she is simply waiting for OJ to enter her life. We know that Simpson is broke and maybe it’s a way to get back into TV and to be with his “old family,” time will tell.

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