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Morrissey reveals he has been treated four times for cancer

If I die the I die was a quote from singer songwriter Morrissey after he revealed that he had been ill for a period of eighteen months, during which time he had cancerous tissues scraped away, double pneumonia, food poisoning and a respiratory infection. Doctors have warned him that he must stop touring, but as you would expect from this outspoken singer, he said that it would be difficult, because it is ingrained in him.

In a recent interview conducted with a Spanish newspaper El Mundo he said that he is at an age where he should no longer be making music and he is busy writing a novel which he hopes will make him enough money to stop singing, surely said with tongue in cheek!

Morrissey is nothing if not very opinionated and many of his fans are saying that he should stop the running feud with the Beckhams, although not many can tell you what it is about. Certainly as a confessed vegetarian and Vegan he is strong in his animal welfare campaigns and is reported to have commented on David Beckham that; “he does not know how to speak English and his business is disgusting. He has a line of perfumes that have been previously tested on animals, as if animals are accustomed to wear cologne. Remember: if you buy his aftershave lotion you are supporting animal torture.”

On the last point many are querying where he stands on the treatment for his illnesses such as respiratory infections, pneumonia, food poisoning and cancer, using drugs to cure him that have undoubtedly been tested on animals!

We of course wish him a speedy recovery and we hope he continues to make music and his comments on life of course. Perhaps he may make it up with Harvest Records that sacked him, but judging by the T-shirts worn by his band, which were less than complimentary, we doubt it.


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