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Katie Price colours a horse pink and is in trouble-again!

She has been known to do some pretty outrageous things, one of which was shaving heart and diamond-shaped patterns into her ponies. Now the latest gimmick was dyeing her horse pink for the launch of her new reality series. This latest episode has angered animal rights organisation PETA, who criticised the star for using the horse as a “prop”.

She was dressed all in white for the stunt as a unicorn and paraded around with the pink horse, along with her children, eight-year-old daughter Princess, and ten-year-old Junior, they were also dressed up in matching pink and blue costumes like their mother, unbelievably she managed to persuade her husband Kieran Hayler to also don on outfit dressed as a unicorn.

Of course it was the horse that was the most outrageous and it didn’t have a say in the matter, on top of the dashing shade of pink it also had hooves which were covered in pink and purple glitter and a pink unicorn horn was fixed to its head. Little wonder then those animal rights as well as many others were angry.

Some of the comments branded the 37 year old Katie as “disgusting” and “cruel” coming after she had shared the photographs with her one million followers. Other comments included: Shave your own head. What a disgrace! I thought she loved horses clearly I was wrong. Disgusting, did the horse ask for this? No

Animal rights group PETA UK director Mimi Bekhechi in a comment made to the Daily Mirror said: “An unskilled groomer could easily nick a horse with clippers, clipping patterns into a horse’s hair is about human vanity and reduces smart, sensitive animals to playthings, if Ms Price wishes to shave hearts and diamonds into someone’s hair, we suggest she use her own head and leave animals out of it.”

What will be the next thing that will get Katie into trouble we wonder, we shall have to wait and see.



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