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JayZ’s artist owned music streaming service Tidal gets thumbs down from fans

Tidal is music streaming service that was billed as being of CD quality but few if any can detect any difference from rival Spotify. It is true to say that an entire generation of music lovers have now grown up without being regularly exposed to CD-level audio quality.

There has already been a backlash to the new artists owning music streaming service and the reaction from many users of Twitter making remarks such as it is making millionaire artists even richer, not saving the world. Rival Spotify gives artists a 70% cut of revenue, but as the 16 stars own Tidal they will get a bigger slice of its takings.

The main gripe appears to be the price which is reported to be about $20 a month, this compares to Spotify, which is just $9.99. However taking the last fifteen years it is true to say that that people don’t want to pay more for high-quality audio files as most declared they could not tell the difference anyway!

Business mogul Jay-Z has hit back saying that people are not respecting music comparing the wish for free music, but being prepared to pay a high price for a bottle of water! Tidal is not reaching the dizzy heights that the artist owned streaming service hoped for, that is overtaking Spotify. If fact the service was re-launched and JayZ got together fellow artists Madonna, Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna and Beyonce together, for this re-launch press conference.

It remains to be seen whether they will be more successful this time round, however music lovers are not in the least impressed, many have suggested that is it just a way for wealthy artists to make even more money. Fellow artist and singer Lily Allen has also been critical saying that Jay Z’s service would lead to more music piracy adding: “Tidal is so expensive. He’s taken the biggest artists, made them exclusive to Tidal. People will swarm back to pirate sites.”



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