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Is Tom Cruise about to propose to his assistant?

He is 53 years old a she is just 22, but that has not stopped Mission Impossible star Tom Cruise from apparently falling head over heels for his glamorous British assistant Emily Thomas, all according to reports which are coming from the USA. Since splitting up with Katie Homes in 2012, Tom has been completely immersed in his filming work.

However, the word is out that he is totally smitten with the 22 year old assistant that he met whilst working on his latest Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation so much so that his inner circle firmly believes that he is on the point of proposing to her. According to reports which have appeared in “Star” magazine, this is suggesting that Tom has fallen head over heels for Emily, and she feels the same way.

Tom is set to continue in his role as pilot Maverick in the latest film in the series and looking at photographs of him in the press in Vienna, he is still looking as youthful as ever. He was dressed a smartly as we have come to expect and was sporting “Top Gun” style aviators, and as we have come to expect from Tom, he happily posed for photographs as well as taking time to sign autographs for his fans. Tom, who is a father of three, was in Vienna for the premiere of his latest Mission Impossible film, which will, no doubt, be another box office smash for him.

Will Emily be the new Mrs Tom Cruise we wonder, well we shall have to wait and see, but do not be surprised if she is.

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