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Is Jonah Hill being cast for Mrs Doubtfire remake?

Word is out on the “street” that actor, comedian and producer Jonah Hill is thought to be stepping into the role of Mrs Doubtfire, played so brilliantly by Robin Williams 23 years ago. Jonah will find, if he does step into the shoes of Robin, they will be pretty big shoes to fill, taking on the role of the Scottish nanny that the legendary Williams played so effectively.

Sony pictures are rumoured to have been planning this now for over ten years and the remake of the film, will it is understood, see the original director, Chris Columbus in the director’s chair again. According to newspaper The Hamilton Mare, Columbus is reported as saying: “When you put all your heart and soul into a film like Mrs Doubtfire, you want to do it to do well. And boy, did it do well.” He went on to describe how when he was travelling on a bus everyone, kids and adults were all raving about the production. He naturally heaped praise on Robin Williams, saying that he nailed the part and that with the new version he was anxious to find someone that had comedic talent and could read a line and make it sound fifty times funnier.

We can imagine that a remake of such an award winning film will not be easy; word is that the remake will be almost identical to the original, but inevitably there will be some changes. Production is almost ready to begin, plans are in place for August with the hope that it will be out in theatres by February 2017, time will tell if both a new audience, as well as the original one, will enjoy the remake as much as the Robin Williams version.

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