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Were “dodgy doctor” prescriptions responsible for the death of rock star Prince?

Is the death of music star Prince going to be another Michael Jackson or Elvis Presley re-run or was it down to misfortune and natural causes? Speculation is rife on social media and also in newsprint that Prince had been awake for up to six days before he was discovered dead in a lift.

This latest speculation comes after the private cremation took place and pictures of his ashes being carried out beneath a cushion were shown worldwide. His only blood relative is Tyka Nelson, Prince’s sister, whose husband Maurice Phillips, said that he had been with him only last weekend. He went on to describe him as a good brother-in-law and that prince had worked 154 hours straight.

The speculation regarding drugs is there though, with even friends suggesting that he may have been overprescribed drugs by a dodgy doctor. What is known though is that he was taking high levels of painkiller Percocet, and it was when he was on his private jet that this had to make an emergency landing as he is believed to have overdosed on the painkiller. This happened just five days before he died and although his representatives say that he was battling ‘flu, sources are saying that doctors gave him a ‘save shot’, which is usually administered to counteract opiate effects. Advised to stay overnight, he refused as he could not get a private room. Prince was known to have a hip problems, but refused surgery due to his Jehovah’s Witness faith.

The medical history is high on the list for detectives looking into the case and they have, it is understood, discovered a number of prescription drugs, they are anxious to know how the star obtained prescription-only drugs and whether they had been authorised by a physician.

As always wild suggestions are being posted including some that have gone as far as saying that they think that the pop star was under the care of a “Dr Conrad Murray” medic, blamed for Michael Jackson’s death. You may recall that it was this doctor that was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the 2009 death of Jackson, by administering a lethal dose of an anaesthetic. Police have refused to comment on this but friends fear he may have been.

It is understood from the Purple Rain hit maker’s former alleged drug dealer that he was on six-month supplies of Dilaudid pills and Fentanyl patches, which are highly addictive opioid pain killers, for 25 years between 1984 and 2008. It can of course only be speculation until the result of the autopsy and toxicology report from the laboratory is published.

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