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Did Beyoncé nearly take a tumble at the Super Bowl?

The 2016 Super Bowl lived up to the high expectations, perhaps not so much if you were a Carolina Panther fan as they lost to the Denver Broncos by 24-10, but it certainly did for an entertainment spectacle at the half way interval.

The spectacle attracts a huge television audience all over the world and the stars at the interval are always guaranteed to put on great performance. However, for many people it is a perfect time to visit the bathroom or to freshen up your drink, for those though, they will have missed a great show from the entertainers.

We had Chris Martin from Coldplay strutting his stuff, who was followed by Mark Ronson who introduced Bruno Mars onto stage with the intro of Uptown Funk, all super fun. But it was Beyoncé who really stole the show featuring a song that has been released for that day, hearts were in mouths though as it seemed as Beyoncé was going to fall over backwards, but like the star that she is she soon flawlessly got back into the dance, it looked to those that did not know the routine that it was all in the agreed choreography, she’s a real pro cited her fans.

It was an incredible performance from “Queen Bey” that sent her fans into raptures, particularly her latest single. After her performance at the event, you can be sure that the tickets for the 40-date tour are due to go on sale this week will be a sell-out, when she visits Europe, Canada and North America from April 27th.

There will be many that wished that they had not gone to the bathroom or drinks cabinet after that performance.



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