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David Walliams and supermodel Lara Stone separate after 5 year marriage

He is said to be absolutely devastated and she has left their London home taking their son as well as the family pet Bert the dog! The break up has come just two years after supermodel and the face of Calvin Klein gave birth to their son Alfred.

The pair seemed to have drifted apart over the last six months and they were seen together as a couple at the wedding of Sir Elton John, and guest at the wedding were given no clue about the problems between the two of them; two days later they watched the London production of Edwards Scissorhands together, which was the last time they were seen out in public. However, it was in January that the controversial sexually provocative pictures featuring Lara and Justin Bieber were seen, following a photo shoot that took place for Calvin Klein.

TV comic David, 43, is known to be absolutely devastated at the split, but people who are close to the Britain’s Got Talent judge suggest that he is putting on a very brave face. The couple who were married in 2010, were believed to have had a strong marriage, it is believed that Walliams has agreed to a trial separation and hopes that it is just a blip and hopes that they can get their marriage back onto an even keel again. A source said: “David has been putting on a brave face. But people close to him are very worried because they know he’s devastated.”

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