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Celebrity endorsement overload – Rachel Riley endorses three brands in three weeks!

Oxford graduate and countdown celebrity has had a busy three weeks, not working out figures for the popular television game show involving words and figures, but endorsing products and brands for major companies. These endorsements can be big earners for celebrities and they bring in extra profits for the companies too. So it is not surprising to see many well-known faces appearing on our screen and in print endorsing brands, or particular products.

Well Rachel has certainly done her maths homework recently as she has been seen doing an imaginary maths problem for telephone network provider EE for the launch of its 4G network becoming independently verified as 50% faster than its competitors.

Next she was seen dressed in a jet black wig in glamourous gowns for the new Kellogg’s Ancient Legends cereal, which is a mixture of granolas, mueslis and cereals which contain grains such as spelt, rye and quinoa. Rachel is currently dating her dancing partner Pasha Kovalev, but we have to say that she looked very Egyptian, even royalty in the variety of glamorous gowns, even with the snake around her neck!

Finally she claimed to have had a colourful tattoo which was supposed to pay homage to her love of maths and time; pictures reveal serious inking across her back, but it was an April fool’s joke and was actually the work of Lenovo’s YOGA Tab 3 Pro, a tablet with a built in projector. We can imagine her mother breathing a sigh of relief when the truth came out.



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