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Are we about to see a fashion range from Adele?

Fashion followers, as well as fans of soul singer Adele, are excited by the news that she looks set to launch her own range of lounge wear which could follow her signature style. Comments from insiders suggest that 27-year-old Hello singer is anxious to put her name to a small range of items in all sizes which is aimed at busy mums.

There is no official comment, but what we do know is that Adele has been busy getting input from a number of designers, as well as working on her own ideas in sketch form. It is thought that there will be just a few signature pieces, for example in the style of her favourite poncho, plus a number of mix and match items suitable for daywear in toned down neutral colours. These are sure to be comfortable above anything else and will be manufactured from high end soft fabrics.

Adele is not new to lending a hand at fashion as she has inspired some of the high street’s hottest looks, working with designers Clements Ribeiro, and tested by Adele herself; fashion store Evans included the Adele dress in their high street collection which was modelled on the outfit worn by Adele at the 2012 Grammy Awards ceremony.

But will the clothes be enough for fashion conscious youngsters, Style’s Content Director Gilly Ferguson believes so, although she does concede that it may well err on the side of being sensible, surely just right for a busy mum then? However many will be longing for perhaps the signature long black dress (LBD) which would be a dream for any girl’s wardrobe. We should not forget that although it may be aimed at busy mums, they go hand in hand with glamour as Adele herself has proved.

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