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Most Outrageous Met Ball Outfits

This weekend the Met Ball Gala will be taking place, no doubt we will see A List celebrities adorned in beautiful gowns and sparkling jewels as well as some celebrities erm, looking well not so good….. (more…)

Katie Price colours a horse pink and is in trouble-again!

She has been known to do some pretty outrageous things, one of which was shaving heart and diamond-shaped patterns into her ponies. Now the latest gimmick was dyeing her horse pink for the launch of her new reality series. This latest episode has angered animal rights organisation PETA, who criticised the star for using the horse as a “prop”.

Time to say goodbye to Victoria’s Secrets Swimwear

If you had planned to buy some glamorous Victoria’s Secret Bikinis to parade on the beach this summer, you had better be quick or see if you can find some old stock, because as BuzzFeed News has reported, the company plans to discontinue the line and to replace this with their Activewear clothing range.

Does OJ Simpson want to date Kris Jenner when he is released from prison?

He may have been one of American footballs best running backs, but he has not been without some skirmishes with the law, most famously was the acquittal for the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. There have been other brushes with authority and on the last occasion, Simpson faced a possible life sentence with parole on the kidnapping charge, and mandatory prison time for armed robbery and is due for parole some time in 2017.

RIP: David Gest dies just months after Celebrity Big Brother death mix-up

David Gest has tragically passed away – he was found lifeless at a Four Seasons Hotel in London on Tuesday, it is not known how he died.

David had recently appeared on the last series of Channel 5 reality show Celebrity Big Brother where he was at the centre of an awkward mix-up between Tiffany Howard and Angie Bowie.

Rebecca Adlington and husband Harry Needs remain good fiends

They married in August 2014 and their child Summer was born in June 2105, so it came as a shock to everyone that they announced a split just a few weeks ago on the 15th March, after eighteen months of marriage. The good news though, particularly for nine month old summer, is that they remain the best of friends and they were seen together at the weekend wedding of Rebecca’s sister Chloe, for whom she was chief bridesmaid.

Celebrity endorsement overload – Rachel Riley endorses three brands in three weeks!

Oxford graduate and countdown celebrity has had a busy three weeks, not working out figures for the popular television game show involving words and figures, but endorsing products and brands for major companies. These endorsements can be big earners for celebrities and they bring in extra profits for the companies too. So it is not surprising to see many well-known faces appearing on our screen and in print endorsing brands, or particular products.

Katie Holmes nine year old daughter Suri sacks her guitar tutor

Well it appears that it wasn’t working out and there were creative differences between Suri, Katie’s daughter, and the guitar teacher, so naturally the nine year old sacked the teacher! Suri is the daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and she had been having music lessons. It seems the story came out when Suri was at Broadway’s School of Rock: The Musical and went backstage to meet the cast. Alex Brightman asked her if she had musical talents and what they were, she replied that she “used to play the guitar”, but parted ways with her tutor adding that she was “a very nice person”, but that it didn’t work out.”

Billie Piper fought for a year to try to save her marriage

After eight years of marriage, Billie Piper and husband Laurence Fox finally announced last week that they intended to split up, this was only after Billie had spent a whole year trying to save the marriage. But, demanding work schedules plus some fierce rows resulted in their eight year marriage finally coming to an end.

Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow divorce is finalised after he signs on the dotted line

It’s been a long time coming, two years in fact since the couple announced that they were to “consciously uncouple” and it is not as though he has only just received the divorce papers, they were served on him after being filed by Gwyneth ten months ago! The couple are parents to two young children, Apple, fifteen, and Moses, nine, and when they decided to split in March 2014, they had been married for ten years.

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